The fatal virus continues to make headlines, and so has the speculation that comes with every global disaster. Illuminati, New World Order, racism; you name it. Every type of conspiracy has been attached to the disease that is tearing West Africa apart.

Here are the facts and the top conclusions that the intelligent, the clueless and the damn-right insane have come to:

America. Every conspiracy theorists’ worst enemy. It comes as no surprise that the land of the free and home of the corruption is at the forefront of #EbolaGate. University Professor Cyril Broderick published a letter in Liberia’s Daily Observer, which paints the US government as the main culprit. Broderick claims that Ebola is America’s latest bio-weapon of mass destruction, created in labs and then tested on West Africans in the form of vaccines.


It isn’t just Liberia pointing fingers at the leader of the free-world, America’s elite are now starting to question their own government’s involvement. One even stating that Ebola in the US is payback for slavery. In a recent interview, Phyllis Schlafly blamed Barack Obama for purposely allowing the virus to cross the border. “He wants us to be just like everybody else, and if Africa is suffering from Ebola, we ought to join the group and be suffering from it, too.” Trying to understand this train of thought is just as bad as figuring out the lyrics to ‘Lifestyle’ so let’s just move on.


With illness comes research, with research comes donations. It’s a simple equation. 


The entertainer we all love to hate also had his say on the matter. In true celebrity fashion, Chris Brown tweeted his “words of wisdom” before rapidly removing them from his page. He isn’t the first to hint at the idea that Ebola is being utilised as a tool for the depopulation of Africa. In an article published last month, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan wrote that he believes the virus was designed to kill black people.


What if in fact the virus wasn’t real, just a major distraction from all the other bulls*** currently taking place in the world? Well, that is what a former Sierra-Leonean nurse alleged. According to her and several others, Ebola is nothing more than an excuse for doctors to practice cannibalism in hospitals. Whether she is predicting a zombie apocalypse or merely spreading rumours, what is true is that violence has broken out over various parts of the continent due to the mistrust communities have for medical teams. A Ghanaian, Nana Kwame, posted a similar message on his Facebook which was later deleted.